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Kybella is a cosmetic treatment that eliminates stubborn submental fat, revealing the chiseled chin that lies beneath. With its revolutionary formula, Kybella dissolves double chins with a few painless, carefully placed injections, leaving behind a sleek and sculpted jawline.

When Exercise & Dieting Aren’t Enough

Despite our best efforts, sometimes dieting and exercise alone aren’t enough to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat, especially in certain areas of the body, such as the submental region underneath the chin. Until recently, most people with double chins only had one solution — surgical liposuction. But Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable that targets and destroys fat cells in the chin and neck, providing a more defined and contoured appearance without going under the knife.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable that reduces the appearance of a double chin or submental fat. The active ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, which naturally occurs in the body and helps to break down and absorb dietary fat. When injected into the treatment area, Kybella destroys fat cells, resulting in a more sculpted and defined chin and neck. With its non-invasive and targeted approach, Kybella has become a popular alternative to surgical procedures like liposuction or neck lifts for individuals seeking a more contoured appearance.

Concerns Treated:

  • Double chin or submental fullness
  • Excess fat under the chin or along the jawline
  • Lack of definition in the chin and neck area
  • Unwanted fullness or roundness in the face

Benefits of Kybella:

  • Non-invasive and minimally invasive treatment
  • No need for general anesthesia or extensive downtime
  • Permanent fat reduction in the treatment area
  • Minimal discomfort during and after the procedure
  • Can improve self-confidence and satisfaction with appearance
  • Can provide a more defined and youthful look to the face
  • Does not leave visible scars or require extensive aftercare

Not a Weight Loss Solution

It’s important to note that Kybella is not a weight loss solution but rather a targeted treatment for reducing the appearance of excess fat in specific areas of the body. While Kybella can help achieve a more contoured and defined look in the chin and neck area, it is not a substitute for healthy lifestyle habits like regular exercise and a balanced diet. Additionally, individuals with significant excess skin or a severely recessed chin may need to consider alternative treatment options.

Your Complete Kybella Experience


At the Beverly Hills Sculptress, your Kybella experience begins with a comprehensive consultation. During this appointment, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your goals and concerns with Shea Denmark. She will evaluate your chin and neck area and determine if Kybella is the right treatment. She will also create a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and desired outcomes.


The actual Kybella treatment is a quick and minimally invasive procedure. Shea will inject the Kybella solution directly into the treatment area, targeting and destroying fat cells in the chin and neck. Depending on your specific needs, you may require multiple injections over a series of treatment sessions. Most patients need 20 to 50 injections per session, and up to 6 sessions spaced a few weeks apart for optimal results.


After your Kybella session, you can expect minor side effects, such as swelling, bruising, or numbness in the treatment area. These side effects typically resolve within a few days, and most patients can return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure. Shea will provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure a safe and speedy recovery, such as avoiding strenuous workouts and direct sunlight for 24 hours after the treatment.


Kybella results typically become apparent after several weeks or months, as the body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat cells. You can expect a more defined and contoured chin and neck and a slimmer and more youthful appearance. The results are permanent, as the destroyed fat cells are eliminated from the body and cannot regenerate. However, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Meet the Beverly Hills Sculptress

At our boutique aesthetic medical practice, we believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best. Our skilled provider, known as the Beverly Hills Sculptress, is none other than the talented Shea Denmark. Shea is a renowned artist in the cosmetic industry, with a reputation for her ability to turn back the clock and sculpt stunning results. If you’re considering Kybella, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with the Beverly Hills Sculptress today.

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